One Chance

I’ve had a thought in my mind lately, it’s about evangelism. I don’t really have the spritual gift for it, but I believe it is important. The thought I’ve had is, should we be more open with the gospel? Do we shy away from sharing in our Starbucks, or grocery stores? If you only had that one chance to share with the checker and didn’t, did we miss out? Should we be taking all those chances? At least ask if they know about Jesus, or have heard of him? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about building relationships and trust, and showing people who Jesus is by being Him to those we meet, but one stop in a Starbucks doesn’t give you that chance to build that relationship necessarily. So should we ask, or share if it’s the nly time we’ll meet that person?


2 thoughts on “One Chance

  1. Dr Mekis says:

    Only if you felt led by the Holy Spirit, plain and simple.

  2. Matt Anderson says:

    I guess the question is really do we feel that pull every time we encounter a person and ignore it? Christ would talk with people that he had never encountered before and change their lives. If we are to pursue Christ-likeness then . . .

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