Rooted HS: 7/8 – Service

Tonight at Rooted had no worship, no message, and no games. Tonight we did a service project! We ended up going with a back up project, but it was perfect. We washed the 2.5 buses that our church owns (one of them is a short bus). I thought it was rather fitting because Rooted is the main ministry that uses the normal buses. It was really cool to see a group HS students come together and just serve. The reason we did a service project was to put into practice what we teach in our ministry. Service is one of the elements of our ministry (along with evangelism, fellowship, spiritual disciplines, and worship). We are trying to even out how much we emphasis and spend on each element. We are working on special service and worship times, Bible Studies for going deeper in the word and help to develop spiritual disciplines, and out reach events and nights. But tonight was all about service and our students rose to the challenge, just like I knew they would, because we have quality students here at Rooted!


One thought on “Rooted HS: 7/8 – Service

  1. ztanksley says:

    Excellent idea, start putting up some pictures my friend 🙂

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