Late late – Sunday Set-list

This past Sunday I had the great privileged to lead worship at Mercer Creek Church in Ellensburg, WA. My best friend Dan Arnold is the Jr. High Pastor there, and I have been fortunate enough to develop relationships with a number of the staff. I am always so honored when I am asked to lead worship anywhere, and especially at a church that may have never had me lead before. Being the 4th of July weekend a lot of their normal team was out of town, or unavailable, so another guy named Matt, and myself both played guitar (he is way way better at guitar than me) and both sang. I kept thinking that this Matt guy is way better than me, he could do this, but I’m not one to turn down a chance to lead worship. Working with Matt was such an awesome experience, we seemed to click really well, for only practicing for an hour the Friday before. Here is a list of the Songs that we did:

Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble – Martin Smith
Famous One – Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves
Mighty to Save – Ben Fielding, Rueben Morgan
God of Wonders – Marc Byrd, Steve Hindalong
Blessed Be Your Name – Matt & Beth Redman (Offering Song)
Black and Blue is My Heart – Rich Kirkpatrick (Communion)

They were gracious enough to let me pick out most of the songs, we did work together on putting the list together. The last one of one of my top 10 favorite songs to worship with. Firstly because it’s such a great song, easy to learn, but so deep, and secondly, a good friend and mentor wrote it.

Some people may think that leaving my church on a Sunday, a day I’m supposed to be working to lead worship at another church seems silly and irresponsible. The way I look at it is, we are all one in the Body of Christ, and if the body needs help somewhere, and I can provide it (through the giftings God blessed me with) as long as I can get my responsibilities covered, then I will go and do it. It allows me to bless another part of the body.

My leaving also gave a student I was discipling a chance to teach for the first time, and all the feedback I got about the lesson was great, so that was really awesome too! God is great!


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