"Come to me all who are weary . . ."

Over the past 6 years or so I’ve noticed a trend, and personally I’ve felt it myself lately . . . Exhausted Youth Pastors! I don’t know what the deal is with us, but it always seems that YPs are tired. I remember one of my mentors Danny Basham saying that he always felt guilty because he felt like he was giving his family ‘left overs’ of himself, when he worked at NCR. To be honest this is how I feel sometimes. I feel like exhaustion is not helping us to fulfill John 10:10, where Christ tells us that He brought us life abundantly, another translation says life that is over-flowing! The question I am curious about is this. Are congregations, elders, pastors, and even the youth pastor, that allows their Youth Pastor to reach the point of exhaustion sinning in allowing them to do so? I mean if Christ calls use to take rest in Him, and we are tired, are the expectations on a Youth Pastor (or any pastor for that matter) to high or ridiculous if they cause us to be exhausted every waking second? I don’t mean to point any fingers, I am simply asking a question, what do you in the blogesphere think?


2 thoughts on “"Come to me all who are weary . . ."

  1. Tom Neyhart says:

    I hear you loud and clear brother. The sad thing is at least in some churches there are those that think ministers don't really do anything other than Sunday morning stuff, some of them are elders themselves. I believe that solid church leaders, both ministers and elders should understand that it is Biblical for the personal relationship with christ to be #1, family #2 and then the church ministry as #3. I don't always think they get that concept.

  2. We rush, work, & build the Church, as others did before us; still, unless the Lord build the house, the builders labor in vain. – Augustine

    Praying for you, Matt. You and Amy have really “hit the ground running” here at YAC and are probably very tired. May you find God helping you as you now change from a sprint to a marathon and find peace, joy and a beautiful God-given rhythm. Your new blog is gorgeous.

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