I am beginning work on a message about Sabbath. At this point I don’t much about the actual origin of the word, but I plan on getting to that. I do know that a sabbath day is something that God commands us to take! How often do we actually take a sabbath? I think we believe that a ‘day of rest’ is good enough, but it really isn’t, resting is part of it, but finding the peace of God in that day, to re-fill us for the next week. We just rest, sleep in, have a late breakfast, go to church (some of us, some of us work on Sundays), maybe do something fun. That is a part of a sabbath, but only a small part. Anyway, as you can see there is more to Sabbath than we commonly think, I have yet to actually grasp the depth of Sabbath, but when I get more, I’ll share more.

What is your favorite way to ‘Sabbath’?


6 thoughts on “Sabbath

  1. Joe S. says:

    My favorite way to sabbath is on the biblical 7th day.

  2. jenniemo4jesus says:

    Here is a website that I have found helpful – answers many Sabbath questions:

    Hope this helps in your research (I know I am posting this months after your post, but I just signed onto this website. Hope you or someone searching still gets this. šŸ™‚ )

  3. God blessed the seventh day of the week at creation. Did He make a mistake? If so, he had a chance to correct it in the NT, but instead instructed all Christians to rest from thier labor as God rested from His – in Hebrews 4. Gentiles worshipped on the seventh day of the week in Acts 13.

    Gentiles did work on Sunday in the Bible like emablming, or saving money for relief efforts, or traveling. It’s OK to work on Sunday, because God only made one day to be holy until the end of time. He wants us to rest and worship on Saturday, the seventh day of the week. God loves us so much, he set aside a special day by blessing it and sanctified it. Jesus said “the Sabbath was made for man”. God made it for all mankind to enjoy a relationship with Him.

    The reason why people don’t keep Sunday holy is that it never was holy in the first place. God won’t help anyone to keep anything holy that He didn’t sanctify. I’ve seen Christians in their church clothes on Sunday- at Wal-Mart! They are buying and selling like any other person, and why not? Sunday is just a regular day.

    • So then what your basically saying, is that God is about legalism? Taking your rationale to its end we should gouge out our eye when we lust and cut off our hand if we steal . . . you can’t be so legalistic in one area and ignore other commands. Maybe I like grace too much, but as a pastor I work on the sabbath (whether you believe it’s Saturday or Sunday) a lot, so I’m an evil sinner that should burn in hell by your account!

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