Fellowship and Shbbth

I’m really excited tonight! Amy and I just had some new friends over for dinner, and we really hit it off! Tyler and Stephanie Platt, they just got married 2 weeks ago and so we finally have a couple that is like us, young married and kidless! We ate dinner and talked as couples, then the men went out on the back porch, and the women stayed inside and we proceeded to talk for 2 hours, didn’t even realize it! I am reminded how much fellowship is necessary to sustain ones energy and life! I know we are married and our spouses can provide that as well, but having a person of the same gender to fellowship with is also important and in Tyler and Stephanie we have that again. We seem to have so much in common, and it surprised me how deep our relationship already is, it was super-natural relationship night I think, God was at work in our conversations tonight.

Shbbth – Shabbath or sabbath! I think that this time was the sabbath I needed, it was relaxing, reflective, and God was present. Today I really started to dig into the word sabbath and get into it’s meaning. We don’t give it justice in english. I am going to attempt a 4-6 blog series on Sabbath here soon. Probably after my trip to Creation West next week you will see those! It’s late I’m going to bed, g’night readers!


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