Learning Leaders

“All leaders are learners” – Doug Fields

I firmly believe in this quote. As a leader, I try to be always learning, especially in the area in which I lead, Youth Ministry. I also try to learn more in theology, philosophy, culture, and most importantly The Bible! I have a problem with ‘leaders’ that aren’t learners. The people that think they don’t need to learn anymore. They have their degree, or years of experience, or maybe they just have a huge ego, and so they don’t want to, or even think they need to keep learning. I might have a problem with these people, because sometimes I am those people. I have a degree in Youth Ministry, I have almost 7 years of experience in the field, and I will be the first to admit my ego can be really big sometimes.

I, however, do not think that is the case, I think that they bother me because, they think they are effective, when they are more destructive than effective. The leader that is willing to learn is like oxygen to the body it nourishes and sustains life. The leader that does not wish to learn is like Carbon Di-oxide. When you inhale CO2 your body actually loves the chemical, it’s like sugar to your body, but even though it likes it, it is destructive. A leader that doesn’t learn, but has knowledge is like this, they appear to be good, and even someone that is loved, but in the long run they are more destructive to the body or those they lead, and will in the end kill the group they lead.

As an effective leader, should we be willing to cut those that decide they don’t want to learn, or aren’t learning at all?


2 thoughts on “Learning Leaders

  1. susan says:

    Well said Matt. Arrogance leads one to think they know it all. Being “teachable” is a two way street. The older more seasoned leader can learn from a fresh young pup. It SHOULD be an open dialogue. Unfortunately man’s pride can be all consuming. If only the youth & God’s work were put above all else. As far as who gets cut, sometimes it is left to the politics and hard headedness that is systemic of so many churches. So sad really. I’m sure God is not well pleased.

  2. Jacob Scalzi says:

    Humility goes a long way. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to more.

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