Love & Marraige

So I have the privilege of officiating my middle brother, Dan’s wedding tomorrow. This will be my third wedding to have officiated over and I have to admit they are my favorite part of the job. Being able to give the final words of Biblical advice and encouragement, pray over them, and bless them is amazing. Every time I prepare for a wedding (even though I use the same basic skeleton of a ceremony) I am reminded of what I promised when I married my wife Amy 2 1/2 years ago. It always causes me to ask, do I love her that way, do I protect her this way, do I honor her always? I believe that ministers that get to do weddings are more fortunate than the none-minister type who may never get that chance. We have to re-evaluate what it means to be committed to a marriage every time we sit down and look over our notes and manuscript for a ceremony. We aren’t allowed to forget, and I think it’s awesome. I hope it makes me a better husband, I hope it makes me a better lover, and I hope it makes me a better man.

How are you reminded how to love, live, honor, etc. in your marraige?


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