Sabbath 1.5

This blog has been long over-due. As I’ve done little bits of research on the word sabbath, and taken the poll you see off to the right and down a little I’ve come across a few things. Firstly, most of us don’t really know what sabbath is or how we should be properly it . . . fully. Most of us tend to rest, and just do nothing while we sabbath. This is most definitly part of sabbath for sure. Part of what God wanted to do was make sure that as a people of faith we didn’t run ourselves into the ground. I heard about this occurance, for lack of a better term, in France. Several years ago France decided that their work week would run from Sunday to Saturday, this gave the normal work force had no day off. The French officials noticed that the work force health and productivity where suffering during this time. So they then changed the system so that they at least had Sunday off, and health and productivity went up. This is just a real life example of how rest is an important part of our Sabbath.

Do you rest when you sabbath?

More to come . . .


3 thoughts on “Sabbath 1.5

  1. joeland7 says:

    My friend, only the 7th day is The Sabbath day. Not a Monday, or Tuesday or even Sunday. Only the 7th day (Saturday)can be a Sabbath rest.

    • supermatt28 says:

      Interesting, do you have a specific verse, or verses to back this up? I tend to see a lot of what Jesus wants from us is a right heart condition, which leads me to believe, that even if the 7th day (which now maybe Saturday, but back in the day could have been whatever) was to be the ‘Sabbath Day’ the idea of taking a sabbath day to rest and remember (which is jumping ahead) is just as accurate to today’s world and theology . . . Hi I’m Modern-Postmodern-Christian!

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