Sabbath 2

You can read the first installments of this series here – Part 1, Part 1.5.

In the last post I talked about the socio-economic reasons for a Sabbath. Almost immediately someone commented that a ‘true sabbath’ day is only Saturday. This stuck me as silly, and although in the OT it does say that the 7th day is to be set apart to be holy, the NT release from the Law leads me to believe that today we do not necessarily need to adhere to that day. The idea of Sabbath is still necessary to our faith and lives. I would argue that as a people of Faith in the one true God Yahwah and his Son Jesus Christ (not to forget the Holy Spirit at all) we still need to Sabbath. For most people this day may be Saturday or Sunday. Others may choose another day. As a church worker, who works on Sundays it’s hard to make that a Sabbath day. For me currently Monday is that day. Some of you hard-core legalists may be shaking your heads or waving your fingers at me, but the idea of Sabbath remains. I sanctify the day, spend it in rest, and in remembrance of what God did.

The Remembrance is what I am now going to focus on. The second reason for sabbath is remembrance. We take the time to remember what God has done for us, for everyone, this includes salvation, creation, the resurrection, everything. It also includes remembering that God did rest on the seventh day, and that it was important for Him to rest, and it is important for us to do so as well. So we should now know that Sabbath (whatever day you pick) is for rest and remembrance (and more to come)!


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