Culture Blog 1.2

You can read the first post: Culture Blog 1.0 here

There are really two kinds of cultures in our world a secular culture and a religious culture. A Secular culture is one that is godless, it is based on the world’s standards and idea’s: the American Pop-Culture is, in my opinion, a Secular Culture. Religious culture’s claim to be cultures based on God’s or a god’s ideals and values. As Christians we should be apart of neither culture. We should maintain our beliefs and faith, and practice the sacraments, and meet together, but we should not create a ‘Sub-culture’ out of our faith. We also should not full heartedly embrace the American culture. Doing either one of these is dangerous to our faith and us. Here is what I mean by that. If we focus solely on the ‘Christian Sub-culture’ we are in danger of loosing the continuation of our faith. My youth pastor once said that Christianity is only one generation away from dying. If we do not pass our faith on because we are bunkered in some ‘Christian Bubble’ we are killing off Christianity. However, if we focus fully on the pop-culture, even if we justify it as connecting with our culture to impact it, we will be affected, or maybe infected by it and that is the danger to ourselves. We need to balance ourselves. Jesus did not come to earth to create a culture he came to save us and redeem our world, which includes culture.

What we can really take from this is that we need to be immersed in the Bible and it’s teachings, so that we can interact with culture in a healthy way. The creation of a ‘Christian Sub-Culture’ is not something that the Bible tells us to do. This sub-culture is more of a hindrance to the spreading of the gospel than a help. I don’t want to discount the fact that Christian books and music are very helpful and encouraging to us, but they shouldn’t be, or even have to be separate.

Are you in a Christian Bubble? Or do you influence culture and how?


6 thoughts on “Culture Blog 1.2

  1. Dr Mekis says:

    I believe as Christians we should be of the Christian sub-culture. Being in this culture doesn’t mean we only interact with each other (fellow Christians) and listen, read, watch, etc. Christian things. Part of being a Christian is spreading your faith so why would that not be apart of our culture? We can interact with the secular culture while still being apart of the Christian culture.

    • supermatt28 says:

      I think you misunderstand what a Christian Sub-culture is. It isn’t the Church. The Church is the body of Christ, a place where we worship, a place to fellowship, to grow in Christ, and hear the word of God exegeted and taught, a place to invite our lost friends to be apart of our community or family. A Christian Sub-culture is a segregation of our faith from the real world. The Church is commanded by the Biblical text, a Christian sub-culture (or bubble as some of us call it) is not commanded. If you look at John 17 Christ says “As You (God) have sent me into the world I also send them (us) into the world”. Basically the Bible never says to live in a Christian Bubble, the Bible tells to do opposite.

      • Dr Mekis says:

        I think it is you who misunderstand what a Christian culture is. I’m not saying that it is the Church. The Church is a part of it though. First of all, we need to define culture. One definition of culture is: “the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group”. Likewise, this would mean that a Christian culture is a social/ethnic/age group that all have the same characteristics and beliefs (which we [Christians] get from the Bible). The Bible tells us (Christians) to “go out and make disciples of all nations” (John 3:16). If Christians believe the Bible is truth and base our beliefs on it, then one of our beliefs should be that we need to share our faith with everyone. Also, the Bible says, “for they (Christians) are not of the world any more than I (Jesus) am of the world” (John 17:14). I believe that Jesus states right here that we aren’t of this world let alone it’s culture. We are of a different culture – God’s culture. The Christian culture is God’s culture. We strive to obey God’s commands that He has given to us through Jesus and His Holy Word.

      • supermatt28 says:

        Based of your last comment I think you’ll want to read the next blog in the series . . .

      • Dr Mekis says:

        Also, I meant Matthew 28:19, not John 3:16. My bad.

      • supermatt28 says:

        Also, I believe that our faith is bigger than culture. Culture (secular and religious) ties us to this world, our faith is bigger than that, it allows us to make our world better, but draws us into a holier place, a better place, and into a relationship with our God. So you can throw around all the worldly definitions of culture, but I don’t think they can apply to something as big as our faith.

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