Culture Blog 1.3

You can read the first two parts to this blog here and here.

In the Old Testament, when God commanded the Israelites to kill everyone in the promise land there was a reason. The area that Israel was to inhabit was a huge crossroads area. If you were going to trade from Asia to Africa, or in the Middle East to Africa or Middle East to Asia you would have to go through Israel. This would mean that the God’s chosen people would be influencing and interacting with people from all over the known world. In this way the word of God would spread from the people of the Nation God created to every other culture and all would know who God is. This means that we today need to find the ‘cross-roads’ and be influencing in those places. We need to be making the culture into an influencer for God. We don’t do this by attacking the culture or hating it, we don’t do this by full immersion in it, but by learning to use it for God and then slowly influencing the culture for God in a loving manner.

You notice that even though Paul is furious about the idolatry in Athens that he doesn’t attack he uses it to his advantage, as a common ground, and lovingly explains who Christ is. That is what we are supposed to do. We need to be like Paul here. Even some of the parables Christ told and the language he used was very relevant to that culture, He was not one with the Culture but he interacted with it lovingly.

In the next series we are going to about how to filter the culture for ourselves, and how to exegete the culture.


2 thoughts on “Culture Blog 1.3

  1. Taylor says:

    Can you clearly define what you mean by “the culture” and provide examples for the types of things you feel should be interacted and influenced by Christians?

  2. supermatt28 says:

    Specifically in these blogs I am talking about Pop-Culture Icons – movies, music, TV, social media, literature, magazines, art. And I believe that we need to be influencing all these areas. We need to be interacting in a healthy manner with all of these as well. I hope that helps, feel free to ask more questions

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