Culture Blog: 2.0 – Consume or Discern

The last few blogs we talked about how we should react to our culture, even when it offends our faith. We need to be interacting with it, changing it, using it. These next blogs we are going to be talking about how we should filter it, decide what is right and wrong for us, and how to exegete it. First lets think about how we engage our media. There are really two reactions here, we can mindlessly consume it, and enjoy it, which sometimes is ok, but very very rarely is this the case. Or we can mindfully critique it, this takes a little more brainpower, and also requires an understanding of Biblical values and ideas. To mindlessly consume, although relaxing, is to open our minds and hearts up to content that perhaps should not be in there. We are going to start by going through something called the ‘3-D’s’ to help us figure out how to better filter. (The 3-D approach is not of my creation but I find it handy to communicate it in this series, the original source is, and was created by Walk Mueller).

This blog will cover the first D, and the next 2 will cover the other 2 D’s

The first of the D’s is Discover. This has two steps first it’s discovering and new show, band, movie, something like that. Then it becomes more about discovering what it’s all about. What is the message it is giving you, how does it make you feel, is it realistic, is it uplifting? I’ve noticed that a lot of our movies or shows actually portray someone who is rather devious or villainous as the hero, and we cheer for them (Dexter, Oceans 11, 12 & 13, Italian Job Hit Man to name a few). We have been duped into cheering for evil because it looks good, or because the good looks bad, it gets tainted. That is like cheering for Satan to win. Because God stands for all that is good, despite the flaws in that ‘hero’, and Satan is all that is evil.  This is just an example of something we have mindlessly consumed.  We must be mindful to discover what the true message is, there is always a message and idea, that is the real point of stories and music, to convey that message to us the consumer, in an entertaining way.

Are you a mindless consumer? Or a critical thinker?


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