Culture Blog 2.1 – The 2nd D

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The second of the D’s to discern. This takes the investigation a little deeper. We have already discovered what the ‘icon’ is saying; it’s themes and ideas. Now we need to see if what is says is in line with what God says. Is the message Godly? Is it ungodly? Does it draw us closer to God or farther away? It is also important to note that the talents that go into making the music, or film can also be judged in this. As part of your discernment you might ask these questions: Is this of high quality and standard? In music are the musicians and singers playing well together and as individuals? In movies and tv, is the acting good, the effects and filming done well? Those are all God given talents and reflect the artistic nature of God. I would argue that if a Christian artist has bad quality but good content that it should still be rejected for portraying God’s creativeness badly. The second question of discernment is: Is this valid? By that we mean is it consistent with who the artist is, is the artist trying to get a message out there, or are they trying to make a buck. The third quest is: What does this contain? This question addresses the over all message of the song, as well as any visual content. For instance the Britney Spears song Womanizer, I’m sure none of you know it, has a relatively good message about a woman who doesn’t want a man who will be chasing every other woman but a man that will love and adore only her, but the music video is very provocative and doesn’t share that message at all.  The big question to ask her is, does this line up with who God is and wants me to be? The last question of discernment is: What is the world-view being presented? This wraps everything up in a nice little package. If the world-view is Godly then bingo, good stuff; if not then a little more investigation might be needed.


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