Culture Blog 2.2 – The 3rd D and the wrap up

You can read the first parts of this blog series here.

Alright, so now we get to the good stuff, after the other good stuff. We are going to talk about how to exegete our culture for the gospel. Another way we can phrase what we really are doing is redeeming our culture for Christ. The word exegesis means to interpret basically. It is mainly used to talk about what pastors do with the Biblical text as they prepare sermons. It can also be applied to what Christians should be doing to our cultural icons. I keep using this word icon, an icon is basically something that represents our culture, music, TV shows, movies, books, magazines. All these are examples of cultural icons. The reason you would want to do this is so it becomes easier and almost natural for you to talk about Christ or God or the Bible when talking about an icon.

Here is an example the song American Idiot, “Don’t wanna be an American idiot. One nation controlled by the media. Information nation of hysteria. It’s calling out to idiot America.” What do you get from that? I get the idea that the “American idiot” is someone who mindlessly consumes the media, and believes and follows without question. What the song is calling for in more discernment in our ‘consumption’. That’s just a quick example of what we will be doing everytime we encounter our seculure (and Christian Sub-culture)


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