Leadership Flare – another Star Trek inspired blog

Well the fact that this is the 3rd or 4th blog inspired by the Star Trek Universe probably says a lot about my geekness. Anyway, this quote got me thinking:

” . . . it will be your ship, and being who you are it will soon be vibrant with your authority, your style, your vision.” Some of you know where I’m going with this analogy of sorts. The ship referred to in the quotes in this instance is ministry.  The story that was being told is about transition. A change in command from one captain to another. The transition from one leadership style to another. As the incoming “captain” or ministry leader how do we make that transition easy, comfortable and correctly? Is it really by going with the flow of the previous leaders vision? Is it by asserting your leadership and authority? I have taken over three different ministries. One after I was an intern for 3 years with the ‘ministry leader’ that was probably the easies transition for me. I knew the ministry, how the previous guy did it, and I was asked to continue leading the ministry. The previous ministry leader had mentored me and placed me in a very high place on his team, it was almost a seamless transition. The next was into a ministry that almost didn’t exist. That one was harder, the staff that I recruited had to get to know me and trust me, know my vision and style. Those that didn’t do those things never clicked with the ministry. The last I came into an existing ministry and had to figure out how to transition the team and ministry into my vision and style, and I truly don’t know if I did that successfully. I tried to share my vision, and communicate my style of ministry and leadership. In each of these cases I did something different. I am not sure which one worked the best.

How do you transition from one successful leader to another?


One thought on “Leadership Flare – another Star Trek inspired blog

  1. Steph says:

    Well, in the second transition you mention, there were other factors. you weren’t only in one ministry. You were juggling two and trying to make the transition with both. From my experience and the experience of watching others transition, it seems that what works is coming in, try to understand where your predecessor left off, flow with that for a short time, then make it your own. During that “flow” time, is when leaders and team members get to know you and what your vision is thus making it a little easier to make the total transition. There will always be things that someone previous leaves behind that make some feel at home or feel comfortable. Coming in and wiping the slate clean right away can take that comfort away. And besides, some people are not keen on change whether it’s good or bad, which, as you know, is difficult.

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