The Weekend

Well I don’t normally write blogs like this one anymore, but I am getting a lot of people asking what is going on with my new job prospect. Just so everyone is up to speed, I have been talking to a man from New Zealand (which is super cool) named David Lawson, for just under a month now about a position open at his church, May Valley Alliance Church (MVAC). The position is specifically for a youth ministry position! So far the process has entailed a phone conversation with David, my wife Amy and I met him for lunch the next day (and we talked for 3 hours), we were then invited to go interview 2 weeks ago, which involved meeting staff, having lunch with them, a tour of the church, dinner with Dave’s family, and then an interview, with elders and parents.

After that night we were invited back to candidate this past weekend. This was a Friday through Sunday event. We showed up Friday, had dinner with Dave’s family again, they are great I have to say! After that we went to the church where we played games with some of the students, I then led a few worship songs, and gave a short message. From my side,  I felt rusty and out of practice, from the other side I guess I did really well, and held the attention of students who normally are fidgety, so that is encouraging! After that I was invited to ‘jam’ with the worship team, which was fun! The next morning (aka Sat. morning) we met with the head elder for breakfast for an informal get to know you talk, that did have some intense questions, but we both enjoyed, we then met with a guy named Kurt who is in Real Estate, and he shared with us what the market in the area is like in Renton and presented some options and ideas for us in the future to get into a house someday. We then decided to go back to Dave’s house to re-group do some of our own research on the apartments in the area. We picked out 4 that looked nice, and it ended up the first one Emerald Heights was our favorite! After that we met with Andy Mac a friend for college. We finally ended our day back at Dave’s house relaxing and talking a little more with Dave and his wife Kim.

Sunday morning we went to church at MVAC, met several of the church members, we were pulled up front, and introduced to the congregation, they were allowed to ask us a few questions, and invited to a potluck (yum yum) where they could get to know us better. When that was all said and done we mingled a bit, I actually met some fellow World of Warcraft players! We then went back to Dave’s house and we thought we were going to finish packing de-brief a little and then leave, we ended up doing the first 2, and then stayed through dinner, which was great, we just talked and shared a little more of our lives with Dave and Kim. Amy is really excited that here and Kim get along so well, and if feels like both of us would find a great mentor in Kim and Dave! So now we are home, and just praying and waiting!


8 thoughts on “The Weekend

  1. Susan Richmond says:

    Thanks for the update, Matt! Praying for you and Amy.

  2. ztanksley says:

    Hot diggity

    Look forward to hearing what happens!

  3. Steph says:

    Very cool, Matt! Thanks for updating us! It is appreciated! It sounds perfect for you. Of course we will pray.

  4. supermatt28 says:

    Thank you for the prayers and encouragement everyone!

  5. Vicki Eiker says:

    Sounds like a very productive weekend. Hope you hear soon.

  6. Steve says:

    Coolbeans. Praying with you.

  7. Jan Cox says:

    Glad to find an update on you guys! Brian and I are praying for you!

  8. Gloria Pippin says:

    Sounds very good, Matt.

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