I just finished reading a book about death. I know it’s not a happy subject, but it is a very relevant subject to humanity. As I was reading through this book which discussed the theory of the soul dating back to 500bc through today, and the origins of the ‘spiritual’ music called blue grass, intermingled with thoughts on death, how to process it, what happens when you die, how people react, etc. I began to wonder . . . in my life have I properly dealt with the death that I encounter? I’ve had a few relatives in my family die, but I haven’t been to one of their funerals. I actually have only been to one funeral, and it was a friend of a friend, a person I didn’t know. I wonder, have I avoided death because I can’t handle it? Am I really scared to die? As the title of the book suggests, Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven, but Nobody Wants to Die. The title is humorous to me, but is it an accurate description of my life? How should we as pursuers of Christ-likeness deal with death? How does the church and the individual properly process the whole idea, and event of death?

How do you view death?


2 thoughts on “Death

  1. revhanson says:

    wow, I was once met a man who was in his late stages of life and he told me its like he is going on a trip in reference to death, My bags are packed but i am not ready to go. Meaning He has his ticket he knows where he is going he just apprehensive about the journey their. I try to live my life with no fear, if i die i go to heaven if i live i can do it again. I am not afraid to die but before i go i like to have a child with my wife first. then I be 100% ready to go. right now I am like 90%. So for now I will say my bags are packed and if my flight should come early i will be ready. Better question is would it be easier to face death if you knew it was coming? example: you have four months left to live would that be easier then all of sudden your life is over in a flash? food for thought

  2. supermatt28 says:

    That is a good questions. Would you rather know it was coming? Or just have it come? Personally I think I’d like to prepare, but that may not be a very ‘spiritual’ answer,

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