Sunday Setlist 9/13 – Crossfire (Mercer Creek MS)

So this week I was asked to lead worship for Crossfire the Mercer Creek Middle School Ministry, my best friend Dan Arnold is the MS pastor, so he hooked me up. I love leading worship with and for students, they are so much fun (similar to but more so than adults). Dan talked out of Joshua 1 today and made a really cool analogy about a journey (I might steal I mean um borrow it). Anyway here is our setlist.

I Will Not Forget You (Ben & Robin Pasley)/I Will Not Be Silent (David Crowder)

Famous One – Chris Tomlin & Jesse Reeves

Wonderful Maker – Chris Tomlin & Matt Redman

No One Like You – David Crowder

It was high energy, meaningful, and fun. It’s amazing to hear students sing the praises of God, and equally amazing to see them connect with their savior and creator, and it is a privilege to be able to lead students in worship anywhere.


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