I just got back from the NYWC in Los Angeles, CA. A lot of what I heard there was about story. I started attending a 6 hour seminar on storying the Bible, to engage students. Not that we water down the Bible, but we take a more ‘Hebrew’ way of passing on the stories of the Bible. Also Don Miller talked about how our lives are stories, and we can choose to live an average story, a boring story, or we can live better stories by engaging in the adventure of Christ. How many of us live the ‘better story’ how many of us communicate in story. If you think about what engages our minds and hearts, it’s a good story. A story where we can cheer on the hero. Sometimes we read a scripture and make an application, and it doesn’t engage our hearts. The Bible is the story of God/Christ (the Hero) saving us from sin (the antagonist). We are living in that story still, but we don’t act like it. Are we guilty of ignoring our larger story? Are we guilty of making the biblical text unengaging by taking the story out of the text?

What kind of story are you living? What kind of story are you telling?


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