New Beginnings

Some of you are aware, some are oblivious, I have been unemployed for the last two months, my job at YAC, was cut short. But such is the path of life. Today I started a new position at MVAC. I am once again a Youth Pastor! Today was my first day, tonight is my first youth night. No taking it slow huh? Not really, it’s gonna be a chill night. I think I am going to try and be more strategic and patient this time around. I get impatient and want to move fast, and as I read in one of my text books today, God works slowly, he isn’t in a rush, so I will not rush, I will do my best to listen to God’s promptings. Well . . .I will do my best I’m sure to fall on my face, and mess up, such is the path of life! I am, however, excited about it all! Renton, WA watch out trouble has arrived!


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