I started reading this book called Margin by Dr. Richard A. Swenson, it is a really good book (granted I’m through the 3rd chapter so . . .) The whole idea of the book as that our lives are being run ragged because we have lost our margin. I have equated ‘margin’ to sabbath, although that is not his point. But the idea that we are running so fast, so hard, for so long, just to keep up with life, that we don’t have time to rest, relax, and enjoy life. As I’m reading I kept thinking, the poor people who live like that. I then stopped to think, do I live with out ‘margin’? I mean I’ve been out of work for 2 months, picking up odd jobs here and there, but I have had an excess of ‘margin’. Now that I have a job am I going to slowly let that ‘margin’ disintegrate? Are Christians just as bad or maybe worse about living a ‘margin-less’ life? Shouldn’t our God and King be the foundation of our Margin? And are pastors and clergy even worse than the lay-person in this area?

Do you live a margin-less life?


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