Prophetic Youth Ministry?

I just started reading a book for my Tozer Seminary class called Toward a Prophetic Youth Ministry. The title of the book intrigued me, as I began to read it I noticed one thing, the writer of the book more or less smears three other types of youth ministry and builds his ideals up and combines them with the other three. I don’t disagree with his view point the problem is he seems to be to leave out something integral to youth ministry, no matter which philosophy, relationship. I admit I am only one chapter in to the book and I hope that he gets to the relationship aspect. How many of us in ministry and youth ministry specifically, look back and remember the relationships we had with our youth leaders both paid and volunteer. Those are what really impacted us. Their relationship with us, and then that trust in them allowing them to point us to Christ. Prophetic sounds good in theory, bu with out relationship?

What is your most impactful memory from your youth leader?


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