New Ministry, new series . . . Revolution is coming!

So I am going to try and post these up every week. Last night was my second ‘solo’ night as Youth Pastor at May Valley Alliance Church. Last week we tried to keep it light, and have fun, this week, we still had fun, but we decided to buckle down and start a new series. I call it Echo, it is based on material created by Michael Novelli (you can find it here). We started at the beginning on the creation lesson. What I love about this series is that it engages everyone at any level of their faith and maturity! The basic run down is the leader prepares them for the story, explains what is about to happen, get them into listening mode. I then tell the story,  I added some background music which enhanced the reading. We supplied journals for everyone, and had them decorate them and make them their own (they were really just $3 composition notebooks). After the story the students are given time to journal about the story, a few leading questions are asked. Normally a retelling of some kind would happen, but we didn’t do that this week. We did focus on a symbol that represented the story, talked about it. When we first started talking and processing I was worried that it would flop, but a bit of prodding and the flood gates opened, students had ideas insights and comments. And all of them were valid, deep, and some slightly entertaining! Over all a great night.

Oh yea,  the students did enjoy the games we did, but that isn’t as important. Over all a great night. Amy and I are so excited to see what this series does in these students lives!


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