Revolution – Disruption

As I look at the title I realize for this post it has a double meaning, but we’ll get to that.

Last night at Revolution (MVACyouth), we did a few more rounds of sardines and the students seem to really be catching on to how to play the game. The story last night was about the fall, it was entitled Disruption. The students where not as open last night as they were the week before, but there were still some good thoughts shared. I decided that I would share more of my insights, not as the authority on the subject, but more as an equal as someone who is discovering with them. It helped the students to see that I am taking the journey with them.

The tough part of the night really came at the end. One student who has some mental ailment, started to act out a little, and cause a . . . disruption. Thankfully it was in the end, and I think that a lot of students missed what was happening. Perhaps having the room dim and lit by candles helped to defuse the intensity of the situation. All that to say, please pray for Amy and I as we decide how to proceed with this student, he is on the older side of our ministry, and should really be in a young adults group, so pray.


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