Work = Fun?

A lot of you are aware that I just started at a new Church as Pastor of Youth Ministries less than a month ago. When I accepted the job I was handed a job description, and told the last section was the most important. As I read this section I nodded and thought, I can do this. Basically the last section communicated the type of ‘values’ that were expected in the office. One that struck me was ‘Fun’. As I thought about it I realized this one may be the most important, here is why: if you can have fun with your church staff it usually indicates you get along. Even though I am starting my 4th week here I can honestly say we have fun here. Sometimes having fun takes us away from our work. I think thats a good thing. You see in a church you can either do it alone, do it begrudgingly as a team, or work together as a team, encouraging each other along, enjoying working together, picking each other up when we fall, carrying each other through tough times. Having fun may seem trivial, but to a church staff it may be more integral  than anyone ever says.

I have a lot of fun here at MVAC, I also work hard, but most importantly I feel like I belong. That is what fun brought here.

Do you have fun with your co-workers? with your boss?


2 thoughts on “Work = Fun?

  1. Dr Mekis says:

    I think that fun is only good if it does not take away from your job – to share the Word of God with everyone.

    • supermatt28 says:

      Indeed, I believe that the bond and fellowship created by our ‘fun’ enhances our ability to minister as a team and family. There is no doubt that if we loose sight of our calling the fun is a distraction.

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