Biblical Narrative in WoW?

For one of my classes I am reading a book called Apologetics for a New Generation. I just finished reading a chapter about the subconscious themes that seem to run in each culture and how they relate to the biblical narrative. The author explains how Sleeping Beauty fits into this concept. He points out these elements: Witch = the devil, princess = humanity, king = God the Father, prince = savior (Christ). It was interesting to replay the story in my head (with Disney animation of course) and see how it came together.

As I was reading the story I was struck by the possibility of finding the Biblical Narrative buried in the myth and lore of World of Warcraft (WoW). Some of you are probably thinking, sure Matt you would do that, your obsessed. The reality is that because the Biblical Narrative is hidden in the myth of WoW it can be used as a tool to reach those who are disillusioned by the Church that also play the game. I was talking to my friend John Hinton last night. We were joking about gaming, and of course I brought WoW into it. I started talking about how close a lot of people in my guild are. I was explaining that it’s almost church like (probably more cult-like, but you get the idea) we know about each others wives, kids, dogs, jobs, lack of job, sickness, ups and downs. When people take time off from the game we miss them. It’s like a church family. At one point John said something to me, “Be the Missionary the need.” My guild knows I’m a pastor, and are often baffled that I’m not condemning that I am ok with beer and cigars, and that their harsh language and joking doesn’t bother me, or make me all preachy.

Anyway, as I read this chapter I began to wonder, how can I use the Lore of WoW to reach my guild? It is a question I am sure I will struggle with. God, has no doubt, placed the burden of these men and women, and their families on my heart. People that play games like this never step into a church or a place that has anything to do with church except for their interaction with Christians in the game. So I call you Christian that play these games: “Be the Missionary they need.” Be the friend, the family, the ear, the love they need. Be the Jesus they unknowingly seek. And as we do this together perhaps we will find a truly impactful way to change the lives of these gamers. I don’t know how to do it except be me when I play with them, to be compassionate, and patient, and jovial through it all, even when I get annoyed at something. If you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments section.


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