Quest – A week later

So a lot of you may know I’ve been out of commission for about a week now. So I am just now getting around to sharing about Quest. This was my first official district youth event, which I was (and am) very excited about. I have a feeling I am going to love these events in the future. The large hordes of teens, lots of other youth pastors to share stories and get advice from. Erik w/ a K being goofy, and the list goes on. This was also the first event that I actually drove my students too. I took the churches 15 passenger van with 7 students and luggage. It was a nice 2 hours journey (with bad traffic) there, but only 1 15 minutes back. Anyway, I had 5 guys (1 of whom I kinda knew) and 2 girls (and no female leader) thankfully my good friend Dan Arnold over at Mercer Creek had one of their female leaders take them in! I didn’t ignore, them I tried to connect with them whenever I could, mainly meals. The cool thing about the guys is they are all on the same football team, so they could entertain each other mostly, but I still ate with them as well. Quest was very well done, a great opening night where Josh Mann (aka @joshpmann) shared three stories that made one major point about our relationship, or lack there of with God. I thought Josh did a great job all weekend long, despite being a little under the weather.

The programming was also great, good opening games and contests, including a consume contest on Halloween! Which one of the students I brought won, as a blind Referee! Anyway, I think my favorite part about the camp where the seminars. On Saturday before and after lunch there were 45 minute seminars that students could choose which one to go to and there were plenty to choose from. I went to the ‘Dear God’ seminar with Josh Mann, Erik “w/ a K” Williams, and “Full on” Dave Underwood. The second seminar I chose was  ‘Chocolate Lovers’ by Jonathan Coats, also a winner! After the seminars was free time, and me not getting a lot of sleep on friday and also being still a little sick, took a  long nap.

Sunday brought another high-light, which was a little scary as well. At the end of the last general session they told leaders to spread out and had students find you, so that you could give them a blessing. This was hard but awesome for me, since I am new to my church and barely know my students. I however, just let God speak through me and the students seemed to be very blessed by what God said through me. Even a student named Angelica from my old church in Yakima came up to me and after I blessed her gave me a hug, that was a definite high-light to me. We were already packed and cleaned up, and loaded up and headed out. It was a great weekend. Unfortunalty, my sickness caught back up with me and knocked me out for a week. So I have a week or so of catch up to do, which is ok, thanks Alliance Youth of the PNW!


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