Evangelical Theology

I began reading (or listening to the AudioBook) Evangelical Theology: An Introduction by Karl Barth yesterday. After getting through the introduction and first 2 chapters I was struck by how much his ideas remind me of the ideas I read in book written in the past 5-10 years in America. As I was thinking about this I was saddened that in the past 50 years since the book was written and translated into English, that American Church hasn’t moved past the need to hear these ideas. Now I have no doubt that we have progressed beyond where we were 50 years ago. I think I was more struck by the progressiveness of Karl Barth than anything thing. In his introduction I recall he talked about someone objecting to his view of the scriptures, which reminded me of another writer from today.

Do you believe the American Church is stuck?


One thought on “Evangelical Theology

  1. ryan crundwell says:

    What is the american church? Is it even a discernable entity? The reason i ask this because you will encounter many church bodies that separatly are doing amazing work, lives are changing and the God is being proclaimed. On the other hand you have people like that branch of Lutherans(if i got the wrong denomination, i apologize) in minnesota who are proclaiming their version of the gospel and the ordinances of Christ that Christ would never have endoursed. There is a sliding scale and so to say the church as a whole is stuck, i think, would be unfair and in some cases innacurate. Though in a lot of cases those unwilling or afraid of being progressive or at least able to make accomodations for a new or different way of thinking are the ones who are stuck. Good question. 🙂

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