Pastoral Facade

Interesting title if I do say so. I have my own interest captured already. Anyway, pastors have a weird stigma that surround us don’t we? People think we are overly judgmental and sensitive. For example a friend of mine from WoW (I don’t know is real name, but he goes by Brazenhoof, I digress) found out I was a pastor and started bringing up all these stereotypes of pastors he had. Some where as trivial and being very talkative to other issues like being ok with bars and alcohol. The only reason he ever brought any of them up was because I was not what he expected of a pastor! I am not sure whether this means I am a bad pastor, or perhaps I decided not to fit inside the pastoral box.

I have a friend Rich Kirkpatrick, every year or so I get the chance to go down and visit him in So Cal, and we always end up going out on to his back patio with a cigar and a beer (on my latest trip it was some scotch) and just talking. I think if my friend Brazen there saw that he would be perplexed. He might even want to join us (although I know he doesn’t like cigars) because we look relaxed and open and friendly, and not at all like a pastor.

How often do we as pastors let the stereotype of who we are get in the way of our ministry? How often do we reinforce the stereotypes? I’m not saying we should start going willy-nilly and start going off the deep end. I know that as leaders in the church we must be an example of Godly living, but does that mean we have to be unapproachable because we act ‘holier than thou’? I’m just saying we should be more real with who we are. Enjoy a beer or a meal or a movie with people. Play video games that help connect people. Be a real person, and be the best Christ you can to those who need a real person and a savior.

Pastor are you willing to be real and vulnerable with others?


4 thoughts on “Pastoral Facade

  1. Matt says:

    Probably worth remembering that being a pastor is not about your personality, your behavior, etc. – its about the nature of what you do – shepherding, proclaiming truth, being attentive to the Spirit of God in people’s lives. So yes, the facade and stereotype shouldn’t be there, but the real issue is whether we are truly functioning as a pastor…

    • supermatt28 says:

      Thats a good point Matt, I think from my point of view is if that facade is the dominate part of what we project, we are not ‘truly functioning as a pastor’ we are just acting like what we think one should be

  2. Are we concerned more with image than with who we really are before God? I enjoy hanging with you Matt because you know I am not perfect, yet also see where God is working on me and using me. And, I can see those things in you. 2 Corinthians mentions how its not letters or resume that makes us but as jars of clay our resume is written on the hearts of people. Boy, I sure hope that is the resume of my life–God’s work through me being written on someones heart!

    • supermatt28 says:

      Woot! I love hanging with you too because I know I can be real, I can say some stupid things and you’ll love me still. I think thats my favorite part about our relationship, we don’t hold back when we talk, we just let loose, and be real, and show how God is working on us, and where he still needs to.

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