Church Family

Well Amy and I have been living in Western,WA for a little over two months now. We are feeling settled in and at home here. Still getting used to the wind and rain that they seem to have in excess here, but we’re coping. The big thing for me has been the church family. We are still getting to know them for sure, and because of a camp, and me being sick I was gone for two weekends. However, this family has embraced us, and anyone else who walks in the doors, more fully than any church that I have been apart of. We have had families in the churches in the past welcome and accept us, but it feels to me that this entire church family has welcomed us the fullest. What strikes me about this church is they seem to be trying to live out the church in Acts 2, where they are giving up items to others in needs, be it coats, clothes, money, or food. Since I’ve been sick I’ve had more people offer to bring over dinner than I can count, and I’ve taken up a few. It’s been great. I think we are far from knowing everyone at our church, but we are definitely beginning to feel at home here.


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