The Old Covenant

So  I was reading Hebrews this morning. Specifically chapter 8. I came to verse 7 and it said this in the NASB, “For if the first covenant had been faultless there would have been no occasion sought for a second.” I scratched my head and said “what” in my head. I was baffled, I’ve read this before, but for some reason it never stood out to me. I began to ask myself the question, why were there faults in the first covenant? I am by no means an Old Testament scholar, by any stretch of the imagination, so this question may be answered. However, to me there seem to be only two conclusions. The first covenant was created imperfect by God so it would be over-shadowed by the new covenant that was perfect. Or, the old covenant was made imperfect by the Hebrew people who continuously broke the covenant. Perhaps some of your OT scholars can help me out, or even the casual theologian at that.

What makes the old covenant imperfect?

p.s. are pastors allowed to ask questions like this?


3 thoughts on “The Old Covenant

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  2. Crystel says:

    I stumbled upon your blog and this entry caught my attention. I’m by no means a scholar (i’m a student) but i’ve been reading about the Old testament in relation to the New testament recently and the verses that came to my mind that might partly address this are Matthew 5:17 and Romans 3:19-20. Your conclusion that the “old covenant was made imperfect by the Hebrew people who continuously broke the covenant” seems to work but also, it may have something to do with Jesus “fulfilling” the law, which was “unfulfilled” before He came…

    • supermatt28 says:

      Crystel, I like where you are going with your comment. I guess it was so obvious I missed it. I also love that you used scripture to back it all up!

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