“I’m Not a Babysitter”

Adam Lambert from American Idol appeared on ‘The Today Show” where he was interviewed about his performance at the AMAs. I was struck by the final statement in this clip, “I’m not a babysitter, I’m a performer.” While this is true, it still bothered me. I am not completely sure why. Maybe as a youth pastor who knows that teenagers that watch this performance will be influenced by it, and in a negative way in my opinion, I am just offended by his attitude. Do I expect to much of our stars to want them to ‘own up’ for their mistakes? I feel like the attitude that Adam has taken on is the attitude of a lot performers, actors, and artists today. They don’t care what people perceive they just want their message out there, and when people take offense to their message they get all offended. Should we expect our ‘entertainers’ to have a higher standard? Or do we as mentors, and parents need to open a dialogue with our kids and teens about what the culture is throwing at them?

What stance do you take?


3 thoughts on ““I’m Not a Babysitter”

  1. I have told myself that I would not react to any blogs negatively but my friend you need some life experience. I am not suggesting that you run to the wild side of life. Why do you think they call it “tinsel town?” From empty you get empty, from evil you get evil. Pick you heros wisely.

    I would suggest that you find very mature Christians and ask them to be your mentor. I know you are probably going to be offended by my replay but before you react too quickly try to understand what I am trying to tell you.

    With that I will pray that the Holy Spirit will give you wisdom and lead you into a deeper understand of who Jesus Christ is and why and how He came into this world to redeem us from sin.

    Ken and Maggie

    • supermatt28 says:

      I appreciate your opinion, but I think you miss the point of my blog, not just this one, but as a whole, is to provoke thought and discussion. As for the mentor issue I have 5 so I think I’m covered. I never said that Adam was my hero, trust me there isn’t a person in ‘tinsel town’ that is. To be honest your comment is a little mystifying to me. Perhaps you will expand on what you mean on . . . everything. I would suggest that if you wish to properly respond to the blog answer this question: How would you dialogue with students about pop-culture issues?

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