Christmas Narrative

For almost as long as I can remember the Christmas narrative has started with the angel’s appearance to Mary and ended with the Magi showing up with their gifts. This is how I saw the Christmas story. It was a story of faith, struggle, and hope to be sure, and I was comfortable with it. This year, however, I have come to realized that the Narrative of Christ’s birth doesn’t start with the angel’s appearance, or end with the Magi, that perhaps is a chapter. With any Biblical narrative you cannot separate it from the rest of the narrative, we may be able to tell parts of it at a time, but if we remove it and don’t apply it along with the rest of the narrative, or show how it fits into God’s Grand Narrative, we miss something big. At May Valley Alliance Church this year, our Advent speakers have been tying the chapter of the Christmas Narrative into the larger context, including prophecies from Isaiah, references to the fall, creation, the crucifixion, and resurrection. Creating for those who attend our church a larger more full narrative. It has been interesting to see, and exciting to get a full picture this year.


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