The War on Christmas

Focus on the Family’s Stand for Christmas site lets customers rank retailers. It has Gap and Best Buy listed as the most offensive and Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s the most Christmas-friendly.” This quote from by editor Steve Pendlebury kinda makes me cringe. Here’s why . . . this website is in response to the ‘War on Christmas’. This culture war that I guess is now an American tradition. I for one am all for saying ‘Happy Christmas’ or if you prefer the more American ‘Merry Christmas’ I like happy better personally. Anyway, there are a lot of PC (not personal computer, but they have problem too, because it’s not an Apple) that would rather you say Happy Holidays. This also is perfectly fine in my book, since we have Hanukkah, and boxing day in the mix too, not to mention New Years, and if you want to add Kwanza sure why not. But the site above is an extreme reaction. I might be one of the few Christians who is ok with the ‘War on Christmas’ but for a different reason. I think that we let the pop-culture desecrate the season by prolonging it and commercializing it, this view is nothing new and not the point here. The point really is how do we react in the reality of the ‘War’ is to eliminate the Christ from the holiday. I don’t think that rating stores and businesses is the way to go. We cannot expect the secular world to live the way we do, or celebrate Christmas the way we do or for the reasons we do. So we cannot rate them negatively for saying Happy holidays, since between November 26th and Jan 1st, there are a plethora of Holidays. Ease up, take a chill pill, and enjoy a holiday cookie . . . I mean Christmas cookie.

(Pardon the rant)


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