Take it for granted?

Last Saturday my wife, Amy, left for Redding, CA. She is going to be there for 4 months as she works on finishing her degree. I however am staying in Renton, WA a 9 hour drive, on a good day. She has gone on trips without me before, and I usually survive, the house feels a little more empty without her. Now however the house feels infinity more empty knowing she will be gone for 4 months. We’ve been married for three years, and I think we’ve settled in a rhythm. We do spend time with each other and try to go on dates, but with the economy and what not we don’t do it as often as we like. I think perhaps I took her for granted, like she would always be there, and now she is away. I am not trying to blame her for leaving for school, I encouraged her to do it. However, despite the fact we have video chat, I do and will miss her for the time she is gone. So if you’re married, engaged or even dating, don’t take your spouse, fiancé, or significant other for granted, ever!

Whats the longest you’ve spent apart from your spouse?


5 thoughts on “Take it for granted?

  1. It’s so true, when they are there it’s almost habit, or ritual and as soon as there gone you realize how much you really count on them and love them. I totally understand that. The longest I have been away from my husband is about a week and a half. It was pure torture. Hope the time doesn’t go by slow. Take care.


  2. Jeff Brumley says:

    Robin and I had 4 weeks apart while I was in NYC in music school, 10 years ago. It was pretty tough, particularly since I was alone in a city where I didn’t know anyone. (She had weddings to go to.)

    That said, I’m definitely up for helping keep you company during this time- let’s get to know each other better! Come on over for dinner / gaming / whatever!

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