This year I’ve decided to do the ‘Bible in a Year’ reading for the first time. As I’ve read through, now getting to Exodus, I find myself wondering about the miracles of God. I’ve been wondering how do the miracles that God has done in these stories fit into nature. If God created all things in nature, then they ought to fit, at least that if my thought process. For instance, is there a natural occurrence that would cause water to turn red like blood? Or perhaps something that would cause a fiery hail to fall from the sky? A volcano eruption maybe? I’m not saying that God cannot operate outside of what we perceive as natural. He is God he must. However, if God is creator of all things that makes everything natural, or everything super-natural. I’m not cheapening the power of God at all, or the importance of Holiness, however, if God created all and is everywhere, then we walk on Holy Ground everyday, everywhere we go. ” . . . remove your sandals from your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground.” Exodus 3:5b (NASB) Did this ground become holy at that moment? Or was the ground always holy and Moses made aware of the holiness? Do the miracles of God happen in special circumstances, or do they happen everyday in normal places, that we are sometimes made aware. Perhaps a little of both?

Where have you seen God’s miracles?


3 thoughts on “Miracles

  1. John Hinton says:

    Yes. I think you’re right that the ground was always holy. And that some miracles work within nature. Yet, I think God knows our doubtfulness of miracles. We as humans want to believe, but our mind also doesn’t. So if miracles could be explained by nature than it’s more like a magic trick/coincidence than a miracle. Like when Moses performed miracles and Pharaohs magicians tried to duplicate them. If they could truly duplicate them or show them to be done by natural causes then Nature, not God would get the glory.

    I think true miracles are just that, something that shouldn’t happen but God bends the rules of nature to allow them to.

    • supermatt28 says:

      Ok, here is a wrench in your thought. If God created nature with ‘natural boundries and laws’ if he broke or bent those rules to create miracles, does that make God a deceiver?

  2. whatsnextgod says:

    Interesting post. I am currently reading Francis Chan’s Forgotten God, and blogging all about it. I highly suggest the book. You should check out what I am writing @ http://whatsnextgod.com

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