So I broke down and decided to finally see ‘To Save a Life‘. I usually avoid ‘Christian’ movies, music, stories, etc. I mean how much cheesy can you take in your life. However, I kept hearing good things so I decided to go and check it out. I will probably write about my thoughts on the quality and plot later. There is a scene (that I think some people will just blow over) that I wanted to point out.

In the movie the Youth Pastor (Chris) invites the main character (Jake) to come check out Youth Group. Jake wakes up late, and ends up walking to the Church, and gets there towards the end, late to church, if you will. It struck me, that if a student or person walked into church late and I saw them I would shake my head and think something negative about them. However, Chris doesn’t comment on it, and when Jake does, Chris tells him it doesn’t matter, and offers to take him home. It stuck me there, that often ‘Church People’ can be judgmental without even knowing or trying. Someone walks into church late and we just think something bad, or stare at them as they find a seat. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t (as regular Churchies) get to Church on time, I think that is important. However, what about those that are searching or ‘just checking’ it out. How often do you think they don’t return because we ‘stare them down’ when they walk through our church doors 20, 30, 40 or more minutes late?


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