I’ve just finished reading the book of Exodus. As I read the last Chapter something struck me. “You shall put the holy garments on Aaron and anoint him and consecrate him, that he may minister as a priest to Me.” (Exodus 40:13) God commands that Aaron is to be anointed and consecrated to be a priest. Earlier in this book, Aaron creates a ‘god’ out of Gold and allows the nation of Israel to worship the idol. This really sticks out to me because as a pastor sometimes I feel unworthy to lead in this capacity. I’m not perfect, I’ve made mistakes, and I have put ‘idols’ up before God. Granted I never bowed before a golden calf, but things do come between God and I. However, here we see God still anointing Aaron to be a priest, He gives Aaron another chance. As pastors in todays world we are more or less the equivelent of those priests we lead the people of God, we teach them and hopefully bring them closer to God. Like Aaron we have a messy and imperfect past, but I believe that God has anointed, consecrated and ordained us for this work. There may be earthly processes that reflect this, but the most important part is that God has done it for and to us. So Church leader, pastor, elder, who ever you are, let your past remind you of the grace of God, not make you guilty, and press on doing the work God placed before you.

How many of you feel guilty ministering knowing you have made mistakes in the past, at least sometimes?


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