Imprint: DYC 2010

So I just got back from my first DYC earlier today. And it was a great experience. I love district wide events. First all of us youth pastors get to hang out a bit share stories, and encourage each other. Second. Erik Williams and the crew always put on a great event. Even though this was my first, I had the privileged of doing a seminar with my wife, Amy. We miniaturized my ‘American Idiot’ series from a 6-8 week deal down into 1 3/4 hours or so. We had a blast sharing, and got a lot of good feed back. The rel high-light for me though was when our group went into the ‘Fire-starters’ room (aka the prayer room). You never know how freshman are going to deal with this kind of thing. I was so proud, and encouraged by how my students handled this room. We were the first group in, and the group that came in after us rushed in, did their thing and left in like 2-3 minutes. Our group though spent 30-40 minutes, walking from station to station, and prayerfully considering which area of the world, and which issue they would choose to pray for. I then encouraged them to sit on the large map by the area of the world they picked and pray for that area right then. It was amazing to see them do it. So much happened so many high-lights, so much amazing God stuff. Anyway, if you ever get a chance go check a DYC out, the next one is presidents day weekend 2011!


3 thoughts on “Imprint: DYC 2010

  1. I was very impressed with your students as well, especially Katrina, she seems to understand issues beyond her age very well. Please let them know that I’m praying for them and that I was very impressed with their behavior and demeanor in such a new experience. I wasn’t nearly as well behaved as they were when I was a freshman. They can follow me on twitter, facebook and/or myspace id they’d like, I’d love to keep in touch with them.

    You, Amy, and your students are all invited to the play if you’d like to come see it, I’ll take you guys out for ice cream or coffee after too. It was great seeing you guys again! Love and miss you, still praying for you guys.


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