Ministry Awareness

So at Revolution: The Night, we’ve been going through the narratives found on I thought they were really well, done and it saved me some work, granted it still required prep, and familiarization with the narrative each week. And for a while the students really seemed to be into them. However, I’ve noticed the past month or so that the students just don’t seem to be engaging in the stories, and discussions as well, a few do, but not as many as it used to be.

So now I must make adjustments so that the lessons, the Word of God is engaging the students lives.

How many of us in our ministries just get stuck? How many of us will keep on plugging the same stuff over and over, despite the fact that the students are zoned out, texting, or tweeting? As Youth Pastors, and church workers in general we need to be aware of two things (well really more, but these are important to our church congregations). The first, what do our listeners need to hear, and be taught. The second is, how will what they need to be taught engage their lives and catch their interest?


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