So it’s been a few days . . . As I’ve written in a few other blogs I am journeying through the OT, and am currently in the book of Numbers. At the same time I am taking a NT class through A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary. It’s amazing how the one makes me appreciate the other more. The main point of this blog is to comment on the number of time God kills off Israelite people for not doing what he says! It’s scary really, I mean I don’t do what he says a lot, I don’t reach out, I break rules and laws, I’m not very reverent really. Anyway, I’m just glad that God doesn’t kill us like that. Granted if God was to kill off every person who sinned, we’d all be gone, but sometimes the sin isn’t even mentions so it could be that a guy was driving his donkey over the speed limit or something, silly I know, but still. Praise the Lord for grace and love!

Just a little ramble for you all


2 thoughts on “Grace

  1. Matt,

    I can’t help but pitch in regarding probably one of my Top 10 books of the Old Testament. Remember that God in all his holy smack downs or “smitings” was actually performing an act of discipline on his children. And while it comes across as a bit harsh, remember that when you are young (as the Israelites were, metaphorically speaking) your parents use some pretty harsh punishments in order to teach you to do the right thing. So just remember even when he comes down like or as “the hand of God” he is doing it out of love…

    That being said, I would still run if “the Belt of God”, “Wooden Spoon of God”, or the ever famous “Just wait till your God hears about this” ever get mentioned.

  2. Hey Zach! Whats funny is that I was thinking about your blog about God punishing the Isrealites like a parent to His child, although my parents never killed one of their kids. I guess the focus is love and grace!

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