Collisions and Blessings

Last night my wife, Amy, told me about a blog that a girl we met in Sacramento is writing. I added it to my reading list. Some background on this girl. When I was a YP in Sac. I met this girl briefly as I started, but then later at a large event at a church that our group help put on and attended. Her and I chatted and hit it off at this point. I introduced her to my wife, and they hit it off too. I invited her to the summer camp we were going to, and she said she’d like to come. I honestly at this point never thought she’d go or we’d see her again. I however made sure to get her phone number so I could keep her updated. From here on out it’s like our lives had a head on collision! She ended up coming to the fund-raisers and raising the money to go to camp. There was something about her personality, or something that drew Amy and I to her. She ended up coming over to our place a lot to hang out with my wife and I. She would go out with Amy a lot (at one point when she was filling out permission slips for camp I joked that she should put Amy down as her mom. That led to her calling Amy Mom . . . and me Dad). She basically became part of our family!

Eventually she ended up moving into our house, due to unhealthy family relationships. She lived with us for 2-3 weeks before heading off to OK for college. I remember feeling so proud and sad as we drove her to the Airport to see her off. She has become so much apart of our lives that I imagine it would be just like sending my own daughter off to college.

Anyway, in the blog she mentions Amy and I and how we forced her to college (in a good way) and how thankful she is for us. As I look back on my time in Sacramento, I am glad that I was there while I was. I’m glad that God had our lives collide with hers and that we could bless her in such a way, and in return be blessed by knowing her. Even though she is 20 and we never officially adopted her I consider her a daughter and am proud of who she is and is becoming.

Just goes to show that God can take the unexpected relationships in your life and work them for good and blessing and life change!


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