Not to hard?

So I was reading in Deuteronomy this morning and I came across this verse  “This command I am giving you today is not too difficult for you to understand or perform.” (Deut 30:11 NLT) As I was reading this it seemed to me that it included the entirety of the “Law of Moses”. I was blown away by this. Some of you OT scholars might have more insight into this verse or what God via Moses was saying here. I’ve always believed and on occasion taught that the part of the reason that Christ came to fulfill the law was because we can’t follow the “Law of Moses” because it was impossible. This verse says otherwise. If we believe that the Scriptures from front to back are the inspired inerrant word of God we have to believe that the Israelites (and us today) could have completely kept the “Law of Moses”. What kept them from achieving this goal? What keeps you from achieving this goal, what keeps me?


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