Scrolls of Remembrance

When I was at Simpson U. they used to occasionally do something called “Stones of Remembrance” students would be asked to share their story and how God had helped them through something. They would gather a stone to represent their story. As I’m working through the book of Joshua I’m noticing that there are lists of town that they captured, kings that they over-came (and killed) and lists of villages of towns and villages that each tribe was given. At first I just read through it and didn’t think  much then it struck me. As the ancients would read the ‘scroll’ of Joshua they probably would have been reminded how God had brought them from the desert a wandering nation and had fought for them and given them the lands that they have. It was important for them to remember what God had done for them.

I was struck by the fact that we don’t really do this kind of remembrance anymore. Not as a body at least. I wonder how our faith would be different if we kept a record of the obstacles that God had helped us overcome both as individuals and as a body.

What had God helped you overcome?


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