Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (Hebrews 13:8)

I’ve read this verse more times that I can count, but I recently encountered it again. Something about it stuck out to me. This passage is a description of perfect holiness and righteousness. I mean only Christ was perfectly those things as a human right? I think though as Christians we get stuck in a rut here. Here’s what I mean by this. I think some of us (not excluding myself at times) think we’ve finally ‘arrived’ that we are at the top of our ‘game’ so to speak and that there is nothing new for us. Basically what we are saying is that we are perfectly holy and righteous, just not in those words.

This could be true not only from a spiritual aspect, but from a ministry stand point. I’ve run into a few people who have been in ministry for sooooo many years that they have it all figured out. To them their ideas and strategies are gold! It doesn’t matter what others say (or even if they are ineffective.)

I guess my point here is don’t ever think you don’t need to learn, change or grow, both spiritually or as a minister of Christ, on earth in this era, we all need to learn change and grow, we are not Jesus we just strive to be. For those that know me personally I give you permission to call me on this attitude, if I refuse to grow and learn, either verbally or physically smack me upside the head and tell me to snap out of it.

When have you felt you don’t need to change or grow? What snapped you out of it?


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