There is a story here, a story that is both real, and virtual. So if you don’t want to hear one, skip to the last line.

I have been in leadership in one way or another for more than 10 years. When I first started I thought that it was all about being an ‘example’ and following and enforcing rules. As I grew and mature in leadership I learned that it was more. It was about being an example to a certain extent, but it was also about serving those that I am called to leave. I am called to develop a relationship with those I lead, as a Pastor I am called to so much that I can’t even describe. Especially at such a late hour. Recently in the realm of WoW I have been trying to be more a leader, encouraging those in the game that I encounter and just be a leader as best I can in the game. A few weeks ago my ‘Guild Master’ asked me to start leading a separate raid from the one that we normally do. I accepted the offer and was told that if I was successful in downing 5 bosses in this ‘raid’ I would be promoted to officer. First week we downed 5 bosses and I was promoted! I was then quickly inundated with questions about not only one raid that I was leading but 2! I said ‘no’ to a lot of people I can only take 20 between 2 raids. And then today I was told by someone who I am friends with in the game that people had been complaining about what I have been doing since I became an officer. It kinda hurt to hear that. I realized though that no matter where you are in leadership whether wanted or not, that you do, you must make tough decisions in order to run a tight ship, to get the job done if you will. Grace is necessary as well, and so is discernment, but saying no, or making a tough call is part of it, a part I don’t like. Because no matter what I say I like being liked, and when people I thought were friends say they are mad or upset with me it makes me feel bad, it just sometimes happens.

What are your leadership experiences (both in real life and virtual life)?


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