What a weekend! Went to Middle School camp, took 2 of my students. We met up with the MS ministry from Mercer Creek Church, with my good friend Dan Arnold (he’s their MS Pastor). Dan asked me to cover games this weekend, so that was a stretching experience. I did an extreme version of Simon Says that I borrowed from my friend John Hinton. Anyway, Andy Baker was our speaker and I was blown away by his topic. Prayer! I know seems like a good topic for a camp, but it is the one part of my spiritual life that I am working on the most right now. It amazes me that even though I’m a pastor, I get paid to be a Christian and I’m bad at this. The camp was great as usual Andy is amazing as a speaker, (his wife is even better). Hangin’ w/ Dan and his wife Christy as well, being able to do ministry with your friends is definitely a high light to the ministry experience! Anyway, lives were changed, fun was had, people got little sleep!


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