The Voice

As I’ve been reading through the OT I’ve noticed something as I’ve hit Samuel, and Kings. People expected to hear from God. They would say, I want to know if I should do this or that, and they’d just ask out loud “God should I do this?” or “God should I do not do that?” And they expected God to answer verbally, to hear his voice. The scriptures record this happening more than once. I even noted today that someone was confused when they didn’t hear from God! I wondered, when we pray to the Lord today do we expect to hear his voice like this? I’m not saying that we always should. God speaks to us all in different ways for we are all unique. But maybe if we expected to hear God speak to us we might hear it more readily. I’m just as guilty of not expecting it as anyone else. I can’t explain why, it just is that way isn’t it?

How do you hear the voice of God?


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