The Passion

Last night was the culmination of our current series looking into the life of Christ. It was also a very different night for us. We had all the lights off as students entered and had meditative music playing. We also kept the doors locked until 7pm to build suspense. As students entered they were instructed to sit at a table and remain silent. I intro’d the night and then Amy who was in the back booth, read the Last Supper passage from Luke, we then showed a clip of that scene from ‘The Passion of the Christ’. After that we took communion as a group. From there we read about the crucifixion, and showed a clip. After that I delivered a message focusing on our sin, how it has been passed down and we are doomed to die. However, through the crucifixion of Christ we are brought redemption. Up to this point we hadn’t talked about the resurrection. This was intentional, most of the students know the story, but I still wanted to build the suspense in this area. I finished my message by stating that we hadn’t finished our story yet. Walked off stage, the lights went out, and the resurrection narrative was read. Then we showed the clip from the movie. As that ended we jumped straight into worship. Praising God for our salvation for sending his Son, etc. Once that ended I wrapped up the message by talking about how the resurrection is the final step in our salvation. I then invited the students to accept this gift of grace from God. Re-emphasizing that without Christ we are doomed to hell. When I led them through the prayer 4 students prayed the prayer, and accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior! One of the best nights of ministry for me, my wife and my team at May Valley!!


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